This week was geared towards focusing on studying for the Histology class finals. We were able to look and review the different topics that we learned during the semester. We also got a chance to work on the removal of the brain from the cadaver body  from the school. Students appreciated the removal of the brain and were thankful for the experience. The removal of the brain was able to help the students get a clear understanding of the organ the expertise job of removing the organ. The removal took awhile but the students were able to appreciate the work that was being done. The heart was also extracted from the body and the organs were studied to look at the different tissues and studied based on the cells that were seen. The different parts of the organs were also studied on a deeper level since it was now seen in real life. There was a lot of pressure to learn and understand the different cells in the organs and we were limited to pictures in the books and cells that are on a slide. Throughout the semester we were able to study the different forms of tissues and how the healthy ones without any defects should actually look under a microscope. Although the class was not the most fun class in the world but it was truly beneficial, especially when studying different real life  issues show you just how what you are learning can actually help and how that can help the society.  Some of the students were able to make the necessary connections throughout the semester that allowed us to get a more complete understanding from the different views in the courses.

It amazing to get the necessary anatomy that is needed as medical students but it also great when we were able to look at the organs at a cellular level which gave a more thorough understanding of the vessel and the many ways it could actually be affected. While studying for the final exams the students were encouraged to research beneficial questions that may be helpful to get a better understanding of the material, but it worked out well since most of the students were able to engage in the main high yield topics collectively which allowed more exposure to the most important topics and the necessary connections we needed to make with all of the other topics as well. We were also able to go through important USMLE questions throughout the lectures which allowed us to brain storm for what would be the most important topics that would be considered as high yield on the USMLE exam. The basic sciences have shown to have gone in depth with all of the important topics we learned through the semester and we as the students are more confident in putting the necessary work into understanding all of the subjects we have learned and also learning how this could be applied in the real world. There is no doubt that we have learned and practiced the necessary skills that will be beneficial years into our futures as physicians.