We are doing inpatient, outpatient surgical, writing pre and post op findings, admission and discharge orders, pre surgical consults, recovery and the option to do research and publish with the staff.  Also, Dr. Fortson wants us to present case studies on what we see with other medical students twice per month.  Before each surgical rotation, we must draft up a short explanation on what to expect!  The staff is well organized, willing to help, and never too busy to explain policy and procedures.  Also, you get hands-on experience by assisting the NP and Dr. Fortson.   Once you do your consults and exams, it is your responsibility to enter all notes on computer at both clinic and surgery.   Once you enter the clinical notes, each student is required to submit billing and insurance information via template!  Breakfast, lunch, and evening meals are complimentary for all medical students! Not too shabby!