So this has been one of the longest week since the beginning of the semester considering we had quizzes and midterms. We were bombarded with quizzes and midterms in almost every class this week and it really took a toll on the students. Some of the results were good and others were not that great or I’ll say the students were not as happy as they would want to be. This mid semester evaluations help the students to evaluate where they stand in their classes and how well they grasp the information they are receiving, but hey… we made it!!!Caribbean Medical School Education

With a hectic week we decided to close it up with something very informative and relaxing to the mind like learning how to check blood pressure. The grand rounds this week was on Hypertension. The presentation was brief and straightforward and we practiced checking blood pressure on each other.

You can’t say you didn’t learn anything this week…..

– Sulamieth Ayuk