Exams will be held December 12 – 16, 2016. Keep in mind the following rules, regulations, and policies of WUHS.


Dress Code – Students are required to be in full dress attire.
This means, full scrub outfit (not missing top or bottom – must be
same color top and bottom which is either red or navy blue).  Student
ID (all students are required to wear their student ID in class and on
campus and when attending WUHS functions off campus).  Students have
been supplied with their student ID and lanyard to wear their student

ID displayed.
Assigned seating will be administered by the instructor, on date of exams. Students only permitted to enter the examination room with the necessary items required to complete the exam (ie. writing utensil, calculator – subject to instructor requirement).Using calculator feature on cell phones is unacceptable!! All book bags/backpacks, computers, personal items, etc. which will be stow in an area away from student exam area (ie: back of the room on the floor – recommended that students do not bring extra items as the university will not take responsibility for any lost or missing items).Students will be required to remain seated during exams and will not be permitted to move around the room. There is absolutely no talking during an exam. It is also recommended that students use restroom facilities prior to entering exam room as no permission will be granted to leave the room to use these facilities once exam has begun. Once exam has been completed, the student must turn in the exam and immediately leave the testing room. Failure to adhere will result in exam failure.
Also be on time for your exams and no tardiness will be allowed for exams week either.