February 15, 2013

Date: February 15, 2013
Professor: Dr. Daniel Gonzales
Topic: Trophoblastic Disease
Case Study:
A 16 year old female patient, from San Pedro Town, Mestiza, Catholic that comes to Ambergris Hopes clinic with a history of excessive vomiting and vaginal bleeding since 3 days of evolution.
Vital signs are taken and her pulse was 90/min, respiratory rate 20/min, blood pressure 140/90 mmhg, temp: 97.6 F. Cardiopulmonary stable, abdomen with uterin fundus of about 20cms above sinfisis pubica. Vaginal examination: cervix posterior, closed with moderate vaginal bleeding, clots, uterus AVF of about 20 cms. Left anexial mass of about 7 cms. Rest of examination normal.
How It Relates To USMLE:
Trophoblastic disease is quit frequent in our culture and challenging to treat. Due to this fact we are going to cover general guide lines, definition, epidiomiology, diagnosis, pathophysiology and how to treat.