Here at WUHS we have been given a schedule that allows us to have time enough for lunch, and almost everyone is together at this time. After attending first, second and third lectures which Are: Embryology, Anatomy and Biochemistry respectively, for an MD2 on a typical Monday I become worn out and needing some nourishment. We have a good thirty minutes at this time to eat. You can either pack a meal from home or simply order from a local deli? With the help of Dr. Loretta, our beloved Histology professor we have a splendid deal with a local deli in San Padre. They deliver Food onto our campus as per everyone’s request and in as little as fifteen minutes. The price ranges from five dollar Belize to ten dollar depending on how much you can eat. I usually go for a seven Dollar plate. Today we had a collective order of Belizean chicken BBQ with burritos and a side of cold slow. It was my first taste on the Island and it was delicious to say the least. Needless to say, there is a great opportunity to learn about medicine at our reach, and the best tasting meals at the most reasonable prices for our nourishments? What more is there to ask for honestly?

Did I mention we are on a beautiful Island? Well, we are. Do not go away where yet. As the days go on to Friday, it is almost time to catch a breather. Not yet. Fridays are grand rounds day and as a medical student, I particularly enjoy this day not just for the fact that it is almost the weekend but also because I get to practice how to present in front of a group of medical students. Additionally I get to practice step one questions with my peers and a Professor in charge to correct our every mistake. Last Friday for instance, I had two presentations at ground rounds. My Group was assigned to discus and present to the class an over view of Measles; epidemiology, Morphology, pathophysiology and clinical features of this disease. Upon researching our group came up with a satisfying overall presentation that was judged by Dr. Krishnan.

Furthermore, a fellow Md1 student Marla Perez and I Md2 were picked to study and present a set of ten step 1 type questions each to the class. So after every group had a chance to present the Measles, we took on a more relaxed but competitive atmosphere for our presentation. Everyone was in groups of fours and we asked our questions and all these groups would respond with either; A, B, C, D on a little board and when the answer is revealed we discuss why it was right and why it was not what they expected. In order words, we are interested to know why you got an answer wrong just as much as why it’s right, in order to get the whole picture and as well broaden our understanding. At the end, we draw names from the group that wins and present them with a gift of the day in the form of a gift card. Learning Medicine is Fun right? I thought same too.