As a medical student it is so important to review for USMLE Step 1 for the basic science curriculum. Whether that review comes from Kaplan or first aid or another widely recognized program, it is necessary to review regularly. Kaplan offers several free classes each month to help students review who aren’t quite ready to be enrolled in a full-time Kaplan review course. Another very important part of successfully preparing for boards is learning how to answer board-style questions. It is important that throughout reviewing for the USMLE students also practice hundreds of questions and understand why correct answers are correct and wrong answers are wrong.

For the month of June, we hosted a Biochemistry review class that was taught by Dr. Sam Turco and at the end of this month we will be hosting a Step 1 QBank Challenge that is also taught by Kaplan professors. In July, we will host another two Kaplan classes, one that goes over deconstructing board style questions and another that provides information on preparing the ERAS application. Also in the month of July, the SGA will host WUHS’s first USMLE Quiz night. Students will be broken into two teams and compete against each other to answer USMLE questions. In August just before finals, we will have a seminar that is specifically directed to IMG’s and the path to residency. Even early on in the basic science program it is important as a medical student to be well informed of the path to residency and the steps you can take to prepare.

Katelyn Sainz
WUHS / Medical Student