MD1 Representative

My name is Thapelo Vundhla and I am honored to be the MD1 representative in the Student Government Association for Summer 2016. One of my biggest motivations for coming to Washington University of Health and Science is to be a positive influence to society in general. I was born in Zimbabwe and now live in Calgary, Alberta. Zimbabwe faces challenges with infectious diseases like HIV/AIDS & TB; and with pockets of polio re-emerging around the world, the threat of epidemic outbreaks in Zimbabwe still exists. My goal is to positively impact the way we (frontline healthcare workers, administrators, policymakers) deal with emerging and re-emerging diseases in the world.

I graduated from Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario with a BA in Psychology where I was also involved in student government and look forward to gaining more experience and using some of my past experience to be of service to my MD1 colleagues.