On Sunday April 10th, at about 1:3Opm, students as well as staff gathered at the Boca Del Rio Area at the “Rio Bar and Grill” where the proposed venue for the MD4s was to take place. Shortly after the games began. They played Spoon and Egg, Tug of War, Sack Race, Two Legged Race, and many others! Surely they were having fun. This was followed by the Ceviche, drinks and of course the delicious food prepared by Rio Bar & Grill.
Caribbean MD Student FunWUHS StudentsWUHS Med School Students FunWUHS Tug Of War

This important event was possible through the courtesy of President Dr.Malik Soudah and Vice-President Miss Peggy Allen. It was through their generosity that this accomplishment was fulfilled, as they covered the cost of all expenses.  A million thanks for your undertaking! To the MD4s, remember it’s not the end but the beginning of your future endeavor.