We covered 3 important systems namely: urinary system, reproductive system and maternal health. To assess our knowledge and understanding of the topics, an exam was administered at the end of the chapters.

Urinary system: We went over terminologies related to the structures and functions of the urinary system, physical exam, tests that help diagnose urinary system disorders and the different urinary systems and their treatments.  Going over this topic made it easier for the class to understand the renal system topic in the Physiology class much better.Top Med School Programs

Reproductive system: This was a detailed chapter that included male and female reproductive structures and functions, physical exam terminologies, diagnostic tests and reproductive and sexually transmitted diseases.

Maternal Health Med School

Maternal health: This topic was very informative for most of us. It was interesting to learn how the health of women during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum periods could be a positive and fulfilling experience but at the same time associated with suffering, ill-health and even death for most women. We also covered embryology, which helped jog our memories on the development of an embryo from the stage of ovum fertilization through to the fetal stage.