The first few weeks were focused on the basic overview of the course and understanding its importance in our medical career. It was evident that it was a critical part of the language used by healthcare providers. Although it is a non clinical class, it was clear that it would help us in using the proper terminology when describing the human body and pathological conditions in our systems.

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Our Instructor at the time, Dr Palmalee started by giving us a general test to assess our skills and knowledge in the class since most of us had some background in the medical field. This would have provided him with excellent feedback on the areas that he needed to focus on. But due to unavoidable circumstances, we unfortunately did not have an instructor for about 2 weeks.

Medical terminology is a fairly self explanatory class. We did a lot of self study which helped us understand the concepts better. But as the work load increased in the other classes it became a little challenging. However, we made sure we spared some time to review the topics listed on the syllabus provided at the first week of class and this helped us stay on track as we waited for a new instructor.