My name is Katelyn Sainz and I am a MD2 at Washington University of Health and Science. I did my undergrad at Arizona State University and graduated with a BS in Biological Sciences with a concentration in Genetics, Cell and Developmental Biology. I have wanted to be a physician since as long as I can remember. Growing up my Dad was in and out of the hospital often due to heart disease and he had some of the most compassionate doctors I’ve ever met. Even as a little kid they would talk to me directly and tell me what they were going to do for my Dad. I remember thinking I want to be a doctor just like them.

I chose WUHS as the school for my medical education for several reasons. First off, the curriculum at WUHS is very centered around preparing for USMLE and is also accelerated. You get the best of both worlds, excellent prep for the USMLE and a concise basic sciences. Secondly, WUHS is very affordable allowing students of all backgrounds to be able to get a competitive medical education. Lastly I am very fond of the MD5 program though WUHS. MD5 is the semester before the USMLE and is a crucial semester to success in passing boards, WUHS allows you to pick the Kaplan course that works best for your learning style so that you may be the most prepared for Step 1.