May 6, 2019

Standardized Video Interview (SVI) Required for U.S. Emergency Medicine Residency Applicants

Dear Medical School Official,

In ERAS 2018, the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) launched a pilot program of their Standardized Video Interview (SVI). The AAMC will continue this program for ERAS 2020.

Completion of the SVI is a mandatory requirement for ERAS applicants to emergency medicine programs. Emergency medicine program directors will use the video interview as an added component when evaluating applications.

The SVI will present six questions centered around the ACGME core competencies of Knowledge of Professional Behaviors and Interpersonal and Communication Skills. The AAMC describes the SVI as “an innovative tool designed to assess knowledge of professional behaviors (professionalism) and interpersonal and communication skills, two ACGME competencies that have been identified as requirements for success as a resident and in future practice.”

The deadline to complete the SVI is July 16, 2019, 11:59 p.m. ET, so please encourage your students who are planning to apply to emergency medicine programs to start preparing for the interview now, and to purchase their token and register with MyERAS early to allow time to complete the SVI process. Tokens for ERAS 2020 will be available for purchase through OASIS and the MyECFMG mobile app beginning June 25, 2019.

All emergency medicine applicants should review all information available on the following page:

If you or your students have questions regarding the SVI, please contact the AAMC at or by telephone at 202-540-5460.

December 7, 2018

NBME CEO Participates in AMA Initiative to Transform Residency Training

In late October, the American Medical Association (AMA) announced a new “Reimagining Residency” initiative and the committee members who will work to transform residency training and better address the workforce needs of the current and future health care system. The five-year, $15-million grant program will support innovations that provide meaningful and safe transitions from undergraduate medical education (UME) to graduate medical education (GME). The program will establish new curriculum content and experiences to enhance readiness for practice and promote well-being along the continuum of medical training.
NBME is in full support of this initiative. Dr. Peter Katsufrakis, President and CEO, states:
“The AMA’s leadership over the past five years with its Advancing Change in Medical Education initiative demonstrated the power of convening a collaborative of educators committed to enhancing education. This experience naturally leads to considering how best to help transform residency training. The NBME’s critical role in ensuring the qualifications of health care providers aligns fully with the AMA’s support to enhance residency training. I am happy to help guide the development and implementation of this initiative.”
The NBME is an independent, mission-driven organization that provides high-quality assessments for the health professions. We serve the health of the public through state-of-the-art assessment of health professionals, and we are committed to research and development in evaluation and measurement. To learn more, click here.