Today I am going to talk about my experience as an MD 1 thus far in the city of Belize. I have come a long way from home in the states to attend med school in the beautiful city of Belize. My first impression of the city was modest but as time has gone by I am truly happy to be here. I am gradually letting my walls down and embracing everything that comes my way whether good or bad.  My neighbors at the apartment that I share with two other wonderful roommates, are so friendly, welcoming open to different cultures as I am learning to be. For instance I like to sing praise and worship songs while relaxing on my balcony, and at first I thought it would cause disturbance, but it didn’t. Why? Because I have never heard a single complain from my singing. The truth is where you are free to express yourself without judgment, you become even more relaxed and therefore you let your walls down and let people in. While I am on the topic of letting my walls down, I wanted to speak about something else that touched me at WUHS.

The students at WUHS decided to throw a SURPRISE baby shower for one of the faculty member who is due to have her baby in December. Mind you, we were all willing to come together and buy her baby gifts and bring food without any hesitations. My point here is this togetherness and a heart to give, that I fell from most if not all of my peers at WUHS is very encouraging, and I hope it continues to improve even more. In conclusion, it has been eleven years since my family moved from Cameroon to live in the states, and I have lived there ever since. I have not had a chance to live in another country and explore its culture until this opportunity came my way. I have always missed Cameroon while leaving in the states. Today I can say, I have come a long way from home in the states to attend med school in the beautiful city of Belize, but I am not ready to return yet.

– Ameck Tetuh