Name: Yazmine Lee
Position: WUHS President (Basic Science)

BIO: Yazmine is an MD2 with a pure fascination for the field of medicine. She began pursuing her ambitions at Washington University of Health and Science after graduating from St. John’s University with a BS in Biology. On our campus, Yazmine serves as the Vice President for the WUHS chapter of the American Medical Student Association (AMSA) and is the communications coordinator for an assortment of exterior student activities as well. She thoroughly enjoys the very special and unique opportunity of being a part of this group of multi-cultural and multi-generational learners and aims to enhance the student experience by propagating stimulating channels for our students. While she is not working toward her vision of becoming a Physician or coordinating with Student Government, Yazmine enjoys exploring the incredible surrounding areas of San Pedro, Belize.

Name: Akanksha Singh
Position: WUHS President (Pre-Med)

BIO: Akanksha is a Pre-Med student coordinating with our Student Government Association as President for the Premed block at Washington University of Health and Science. She is a graduated high school student with a deep interest in medicine. Her focus is inaugurating the school to be an impeccable surrounding for learning with lots of enthusiasm and interest. She loves to read and often engages in creative writing using her native tongue of Hindi. Akanksha feels that being a part of student government is aiding her in bringing out her leadership capabilities to the forefront. Being a part of this International program has helped her become even more well-versed with the reality of the world we live in and she is genuinely enjoying her time abroad.

Name: Palvi Maharaj
Position: WUHS Secretary

BIO: Palvi is a first-year medical student whom decided to run for this particular office because she wants to make a difference at Washington University of Health Science. She really enjoys planning and making initiatives happen. She is involved in many other activities outside of Student Government, such as coordinating events for the school. She serves as Vice President for the Academy of Finance as well. Palvi feels that being apart of the Student Government gives her the opportunity to make our school the best place it can be for students, teachers, and the community.