SGA Officers

Jamal Genitty Medical StudentMy name is Jamal Genitty, a 19 year old Belizean from the Cayo District. I was raised in the United States, where I studied, and my fascination with science was born. Returning to Belize to continue my studies and graduate as an honor student, I began pursuing my goals to achieve a Medical Degree at Washington University of Health and Science. I find WUHS’ programs to be challenging as well as rewarding. I plan to dedicate my life to new discovery and progression of medicine. Despite the many obstacles to overcome, I find the journey of learning to be rewarding, enjoyable and totally fulfilling.

Melinda Davis Medical SchoolMy name is Melinda Davis, and I have always been in some sort of science related field. I enjoy learning what makes us tick. I graduated from California Polytechnic of San Luis Obispo in 2008 with a BS in Biology. I have never been so proud of an achievement in my life. I know that this next chapter of my life, medical school, is a lofty goal but it is so important. As I watch my parents age, I realize how much of a need there is for geriatric care. I plan on bringing back the good old fashioned “house call” for inbound elderly patients. I am enthusiastic about my future!