Secretary & Treasurer

Sujatha Chetty

I am Sujatha Chetty, a second semester Medical Student, previously the MD1 Representative and now serving a dual role as the Student Government Secretary and Treasurer. As SGA’s official custodian of the money and the trustee of the student account, I hope this representation will better serve the students in managing our funds and future fundraisers in which we can pay it forward to our future fellow classmates and the community.

I earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of South Florida. Having an established career, I was the jet setter living the “American Dream”. But it wasn’t my dream. Life’s journey and divine prevalence circled me back to fulfilling my dream in pursuing a Medical career, which has begun at WUHS. My expectation is to become proficient in Basic Sciences in order to build a solid background for clinical studies.

During my time at WUHS and their affiliates, I hope to cultivate enough knowledge where I can merge my engineering background to develop medical devices and healthcare software. After graduating from Washington University Health Sciences I plan to pursue residency in Psychiatry. Every goal begins with a footstep in the right direction. A fun factoid about my creative side: Aside from writing screenplays, I am the Director of my own short films…my life can’t be scripted…but if it was…I would definitely watch.

Low Cost Caribbean MD

Student Testimonial

Michelle Kluger

My love affair with medicine dates back as far as I can remember. So for me, attending a school that could boast the academic resources I need; and also, be located in the Caribbean was a no brainer.

Student Testimonial

Katelyn Sainz

I did my undergrad at Arizona State University and graduated with a BS in Biological Sciences with a concentration in Genetics, Cell and Developmental Biology. I have wanted to be a physician since as long as I can remember.