Vice President

My name is Michelle Kluger, I’m currently the vice president of the student government at Washington of Health and Science. I am a second semester medical student that enjoys learning about the human body, and why certain diseases occur. I was born and raised in the small town of St. Augustine Florida.  I have several different goals I would like to accomplish for our institution this semester; such as, giving back to the community of San Pedro, have fundraisers for our institution, and arrange a system that can allow to students shadow physicians at the polyclinic during the week. As students of WUHS, we all have a common goal; become the best doctor’s we can be; with that said, as a group, we need to set examples in our community of San Pedro. By helping out the community, we as future physicians can learn the fundamental values of compassion for others and the true meaning of work. I have always been interested in medicine; as a young girl, I would do rounds with my father which in turn, gave me the drive to push myself to become a general surgeon one day. I will do my best to make sure that the students are heard; as well as, making sure that each student can come to the student government and present ideas, questions, concerns etc. Let’s make the spring 2016 semester at WUHS the best one yet!